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Best CPU under 5000 INR in India – March 2020


AMD or Intel? Which tier do I need? Do I really need that octa-core processor or should I save the money? Check out our CPU buying guide for India to make an informed decision about the best CPU under 5000 Rupees in India.

Options for Best CPU Under 5000 INR

If you’re looking for a no-frills desktop computer for general computing tasks such as some video streaming, word processing, and browsing – a CPU under 5,000 Rupees would serve you well. Let’s have a look at our options:

  • AMD Athlon 200GE APU – INR 3,599
  • Intel Pentium Gold G5400 CPU – INR 4,499
  • AMD Ryzen 3 1200 CPU – INR 4,899
  • Intel Pentium G4560 CPU – INR 4,999
  • AMD Ryzen 3 2200G – INR 5,899

AMD Athlon 200GE APU

AMD Athlon 200GE APU Ultra Budget PC
Base Clock3.2 Ghz
Boost ClockNo Boost
Integrated GPUYes, Vega 3
Cores: 3
Clock: 1000 Mhz
L3 Cache4MB
Max Power Draw (TDP)35W

AMD’s Athlon 200GE is the perfect processor for a basic, no-frills budget PC for general computing tasks. If you’re looking for a PC for your kid or if your needs don’t go beyond checking your emails, watching some Youtube, and general browsing, the Athlon 200GE will do a top job.

The X-factor with this processor is that it is an APU – meaning it comes with a Vega 6 integrated graphics processing unit. With the Athlon 200GE, you wouldn’t have to spend more than 15,000 INR to get a good PC running. If you want to game, the 200GE can also play many modern AAA titles, albeit at lowered settings.

Intel Pentium Gold G5400

Intel Penitium Gold G5400 for best CPU under 5000
SocketLGA 1151
Base Clock3.7 Ghz
Boost ClockNo Boost
Integrated GPUYes
Intel UHD 610
L3 Cache4MB
Max Power Draw (TDP)54W

Next up in the list of best CPU under 5000 Rupees is Intel’s Pentium Gold G5400. Targeted at budget users, this is a CPU that is quite similar to the AMD Athlon 200GE in what it does. For the higher price, you get significantly higher CPU performance which will boost many general computing tasks.

On the flip side, Intel’s UHD 610 integrated graphics are not at par with the Athlon 200GE’s Vega 3. This means that gaming performance will take a considerable hit. If you want a decent gaming experience, you may have to budget in for a entry level discrete graphics card or go for a higher tier APU.

AMD Ryzen 3 1200

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 CPU
Base Clock3.1 Ghz
Boost ClockSIngle Core Only
3.45 Ghz
Integrated GPUNo
L3 Cache8 MB
Max Power Draw (TDP)65W

The Ryzen 3 1200 is the first time we see a quad core CPU in the list of best CPU under 5000 INR. With 4 cores come strong CPU performance, meaning a PC with this CPU can handle some more serious tasks such as photo editing, encoding, and light video editing. The caveat to all this is that the Ryzen 1200 does not come with an integrated graphics solution.

This is not a big issue, though. A GeForce GT210 can be had for less than INR 2,000 for general computing. If you want to do some light gaming such as e-sports titles, a GT710 would pull decent FPS at the right graphics settings. Any serious gaming would need a solid entry level gaming GPU such as the RX570, though, which costs around INR 11,000.

Intel Pentium G4560

Intel Pentium G4560
SocketLGA 1151
Base Clock3.5 Ghz
Boost ClockNo Boost
Integrated GPUYes
Intel UHD Graphics 610
Clock: 350 Mhz
L3 Cache3 MB
Max Power Draw (TDP)54 W

Intel’s Pentium G4560 is probably the most dissapointing CPU of this bunch. The CPU performance is slightly lower than the 500 Rs. cheaper Pentium G5400, and also considerably lower than the Ryzen 3 1200. It does not sport any graphics upgrade either. We do not recommend the G4560 for this, or any, price bracket.

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G for best cpu under 5000
Base Clock3.5 Ghz
Boost Clock3.7 Ghz
Integrated GPUYes
AMD Radeon Vega 8
Cores: 8
Clock: 1100 Mhz
L3 Cache4 MB
Max Power Draw (TDP)65 W

The Ryzen 3 2200G is the best processor in this bunch. It also comes in at a premium of INR 1,000 over the next most expensive CPU here. But, there are some good reasons for this. The CPU has major performance improvements in both processing and graphics departments.

The Ryzen 3 2200G has 4 true cores, like the Ryzen 3 1200. But the 2200G clocks considerably higher, and will thus be a major improvement in processor-intensive tasks. Where it truly shines, though, is the graphics department. The 2200G packs AMD’s Vega 8 integrated graphics unit, which is a major jump (more than double the performance) over the Vega 3. Intel’s UHD 610 is not even a competitor in this battle. This will be a big boost for gaming and will enable a very good gaming experience.

Benchmarks for Best CPU Under 5000 INR

CPU Rendering Benchmarks

Cinebench R20 Single Core Score for best cpu under 5000
Cinebench R20 Single Core Benchmark
Cinebench R20 Multi Core Score
Cinebench R20 Multi-Core Benchmark

From the Cinebench R20 rendering benchmarks, it is clear that the Ryzen processors lead the field in both single and multi-core performance. The Athlon 200GE, which is the cheapest processor here by a margin, matches the performance of both Intel processors, which are priced considerably higher.

The Ryzen 1200 and 2200G also have similar performance, with the 1200 having an edge in single core performance, and the 2200G in multi-core. What differentiates the 1200 and 2200G are the prices and the integrated GPU in the 2200G.

Graphics Benchmarks

Graphics Benchmark for best CPU under 5000

Things are very clear-cut when it comes to graphics performance.

The Vega 8 in the Ryzen 3 2200G surpasses everyone by a wide margin. It will be able to play modern AAA titles at lower GPU settings at high frame rates. The Athlon 200GE’s Vega 3 iGPU is a distance second, and will handle e-sports titles well enough. The Intel UHD 610 integrated graphic in the G4560 and G5400 is plum last, and will barely play anything well. The Ryzen 1200, of course, does not have a dedicated GPU and does not feature in this benchmark.

Here are some posts from other websites with benchmarks for these GPUs:

Vega 3 – Tom’s Hardware

Vega 8 – Tom’s Hardware

Intel UHD 610 – Tech Centurion

Performance to Price

The performance per rupee spent is a very important factor in this budget range. The performance to price scores above mark the Ryzen 2200G the clear winner. The Athlon 200GE is a close second. The Intel CPUs slot in in a distant middle. The Ryzen 1200 comes plum last here. This is because it does not have an intergrated GPU, so we had to add the price of a basic Nvidia GT210 discrete GPU to its cost, and then calculate its score.

Best CPU Under 5000 Rupees – Use-Cases

For Entry Level Budget Gaming Desktop Build

If you’re looking to build an entry level gaming desktop, the two best choices here are the Ryzen 1200 and the Ryzen 2200G. Both of these cards have similar processing performance. The Ryzen 1200 can be paired with a discrete GPU such as the Radeon RX570 to make it a budget gaming powerhouse.

The Ryzen 2200G can be paired with a similar discrete GPU to extract even more performance, or be used without one to provide a decent gaming experience thanks to its APU capabilities. These CPUs will also do well in productivity workloads.

The Intel G4560 and G5400 can also be paired with a budget discrete GPU if you want to save even more money and still be able to get a good gaming experience.

General Computing Desktop, Light Gaming

If you need a basic PC for general computing and entertainment, but with a mix of occasional light gaming, the Athlon 200GE is your best bet. The 200GE has a good graphics processor onboard, and performs decently in processor intensive workloads.

Which CPU to Buy in India – Final Verdict

Which CPU to buy in India if I’m on a shoestring budget? Well, now you know. The AMD offerings have a very clear advantage in this budget bracket, and the Intel products find themselves in a bit of an existential crisis.

Among the best CPU under 5000 INR in India, the Ryzen 3 2200G reigns supreme as a value all-rounder. The Ryzen 1200 is a powerful processor, but its lack of an integrated graphics unit lowers its value propostion. The Athlon 200GE is the best bet if you want to save as much money as you can.

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