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This May Be the Best Time to Build a PC this Year, Here’s Why


One word: Coronavirus. The world is currently seeing an outbreak of the Coronavirus. If you’re planning to build a PC in the near future, you should pull the trigger right now. The virus has wrecked havoc on the manufacturing capital of the word: China. As we all know, almost all of the components on our PC (and their parts) were most likely made in China. If not, some part of their manufacturing process involved China. Read on to know why this might be the best time to build a PC this year.

Why Component Prices are Likely Going to Rise

Manufacturing Issues

February 8th was supposed to mark the yearly 2-week holiday in China for the country’s New Year celebrations. Factories are closed during this time, so retail managers and distributors across the world make sure they keep enough inventory in their warehouses to keep the demand satiated during this period of no production.

This year, though, February 8th also marked the 16th day of the Wuhan quarantine in China due to the virus outbreak. This meant that factories across China have still not been able to ramp up productions, and are only operating at about 15 – 30% capacity. This is just the figure for the huge manufacturers, though. Smaller ones who follow Just-in-Time manufacturing may not have the inventory of raw materials at hand to restart production.

Even the largest technology companies have not been spared. For example, Apple reports that it won’t be meeting its Q2 earnings targets due to the Coronavirus. Linus over at Linus Tech Tips says that one of his sources at a major SSD manufacturer said they are not able to meet consumer demand.

Logistical Constraints

Manufacturing isn’t the only chapter in this story, though. Logistics are an even bigger issue. Multiple quarantines across the country means that dock-workers and truckers aren’t at work. Some of the world’s busiest sea ports and air cargo hubs in China are closed due to temporary route closures and lack of a workforce.

Best Time To Build a PC – NOW

It is quite possible that a significant increase in the whole spectrum of PC component prices is coming, given most products are manufactured in China. So if you’ve been saving up for a new PC this year, this is probably the best time there is to make the purchase.

This also puts Sony’s PS5 pricing in question, since NAND flash is going to get scarce and more expensive. Sony has already been struggling to price the PS5 competitively.

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