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Falkon Aerbook Laptop Announced By Flipkart – News and Review


While CES 2020 gave us a lot of major news all the way from Las Vegas, there has been some exciting news at the home front, too! Flipkart, one of India’s leading e-commerce websites, has launched their own in-house laptop – the Falkon Aerbook laptop by MarQ.

The laptop will add to the already 15-strong lineup of MarQ by Flipkart product lines. These include products such as washing machines, refrigerators, and more. There is quite a bit of demand for slim laptops on a budget in India, and it looks like Flipkart’s new product has the potential to deliver results.

Adarsh Menon, Senior VP (Private Brands, Electronics and Furniture) at Flipkart, said, “Our private brand portfolio aims at creating and designing products that help customers full-fill aspirations without having to worry about budget constraints. The ‘Falkon Aerbook’ provides best-in-class features, creates a strong value proposition for our customers, and brings on-the-go computing within everyone’s reach. With the help of Intel and Microsoft’s expertise, we have developed a laptop that offers superior performance, designed to meet the needs of Indian consumers,” at the press event.

Falkon Aerbook Laptop – Specifications and Numbers

Falkon Aerbook by MarQ by Flipkart

The Falkon Aerbook comes with an undoubtedly impressive set of specifications. The laptop is a thin-and-light class machine sporting 8 GB of (most probably) DDR4 RAM. On the CPU front, it packs an 8th generation Core i5 CPU from Intel. These parts are guaranteed to make this laptop a good performer for the price.

The laptop comes with a 13.3″ Full HD IPS display. This is quite respectable for the price and is sure to provide excellent video streaming and general usage experience. The IPS panel is a nice addition. It will allow for some very wide viewing angles while maintaining color accuracy and brightness.

The laptop keeps with normal practice in the thin-and-light segment, and packs a 256 GB solid state drive. This capacity is definitely quite restrictive. Flipkart, though, has said that there is a free SSD slot available on the laptop for the user to upgrade storage space according to their need. Flipkart had the opportunity to set an example by providing a 500 GB SSD and set their laptop apart.

The Falkon Aerbook carries a 37 Wh battery pack. This is not an impressive number, but it should provide 5 – 6 hours of usage on one charge. The quality of the battery and its longevity are tales that will only be told by time. On that front, Flipkart promises doorstep service for customers to over 10,000 PIN codes across India.

What We Think

Falkon Aerbook Front View

By all measures, the Falkon Aerbook looks like a product geared specifically for Indian consumers. It aims to provide enough muscle for smooth video playback and normal workflow at a conservative price point. But as with all new brands, there are many things that numbers may hide. Consumers should consider factors such as availability of service, build, cooling, and other such factors before making the purchase. That said, Flipkart usually delivers. We look forward to more news on this product to get a more concrete idea of the specifications, variants, and pricing.


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