Intel DG1 GPU Prototype Is Rumoured To Be Struggling

Intel DG1 GPU representative image

The tech community has been holding its breathe for a while now, since rumors of Intel’s first ever discrete graphics card – the Intel DG1 GPU prototype – started travelling down the silicon grapevines. Intel releasing a discrete GPU means there will be a third player in the graphics card market. As we all know, competition is the best thing for a consumer!

What’s Wrong With The Intel DG1 GPU?

All seems not well in the Intel camp. A rumor from Reddit claims to have inside news about the problems the Intel DG1 GPU seems to be facing while in development.

The Reddit post claims that the Intel GPU isn’t able to extract a lot of performance from its current prototype. The figures are rumored to be a performance gain of about 23% on Intel’s Tiger Lake graphics. For an ambitious discrete GPU project, these numbers are not very promising.

Another potential issue, according to the Reddit post linked above, is power consumption. While the gaming community doesn’t seem to care a lot about TDP, being unable to extract target performance while staying inside the thermal envelope can be a deal breaker for most. The current envelope for the DG1 is rumored to be around the 25W mark. If Intel is unable to hit performance targets at this rating, it is highly unlikely it can scale to 200W or so – the standard TDP for a high end discrete GPU.

What Does This Mean?

In all fairness to Intel, there’s a lot yet to be seen before anyone can make any real speculation. The first fact to consider is that this is only a rumor, and thus unverified. Second, the product is in its early stages of development. Hiccups like this are the norm, not the exception. A GPU is a complicated part and throws its share of roadblocks for any manufacturer.

If anyone can overcome these issues and release a competitive discrete GPU to take the fight to Nvidia and AMD, it’s gonna be a company with the resources and expertise to pull it off – like Intel.

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